Copy of About Us

Our Story:

Rebeletics Apparel ( Rebel Athletics ) was established in 2017 by Sebastin Seraspe. He started this journey with only what he could afford: 32 shirts. He worked his way up by committing and investing in his brand while balancing the 9-5 life. It all started off by selling merchandise from his trunk in and out of gyms.

Sebastin grew up in a lower-middle class family. Despite the struggles and trials of life, he didn’t stop believing in himself and continued to pursue his dreams, no matter the obstacle. Rebeletics was created to inspire and set as an example for those who struggle with self doubt. No matter what life throws at you, you must stand for what you believe in. Rebel against your mind.

About Us:

Rebeletics is an active lifestyle brand based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We highly focus on quality from scratch to finish. We prioritize and value our customers’ experience.

Our items goes through sampling process before production.


To be impactful and influence people to stand for what they believe in by setting as an example and inspire to better their lives.


To grow and thrive within ourselves; serving as an inspiration through our garments.